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You can use the Star Citizen Referral Code above in your account creation process only, so take note ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN'T ENTER A REFERRAL CODE ANYMORE AFTER CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT at the end you'll receive a nice boost of 5,000 UEC free credits worth $5 USD. Then you will be able to use this ingame to buy ship upgrades, weapons, armors, hangar decorations and more.



If you don't already have a Roberts Space Industries (RSI) account, you'll want to take advantage of the Star Citizen referral code program. Doing so benefits the code provider and grants you a bonus 5,000 United Earth Credits (UEC), the in-game currency for Star Citizen. A referral code must be applied at account creation and cannot be retroactively added to an existing account. It costs nothing to sign up, and you'll be eligible to participate in the periodic free fly events held throughout the year.
You'll need to complete the registration process by following the instructions in the confirmation email and sign in to your account before we can proceed.


There are a couple of points I want to make about recognizing what comes with a package. First, game packages may include only Star Citizen, only Squadron 42, or both games. Look at the package's contents for "Star Citizen Digital Download" and/or "Squadron 42 Digital Download." I will show you an easy way to add Squadron 42 to a Star Citizen-only package during the checkout process.
The second point of interest concerns ship insurance (also found in the package's contents). Ship insurance covers the ship's hull and factory stock equipment in the event of complete loss. As a part of promotional offers, ships are sometimes sold with lifetime insurance (commonly referred to as LTI), but there are tricks to get LTI on almost any ship and many people will advise you to take advantage of them (often at a cost of $20-$35 USD). To properly assess of the "value" of lifetime insurance, you should know a few things:
Ship insurance premiums will be, by design an incidental cost. They are paid using in-game currency at the beginning of each coverage period.
Ship insurance, and therefore LTI, will not cover upgraded components you've swapped for the stock components, nor will it cover cargo. These require separate policies.
Ships are built by in-game corporations and, like automobile manufacturers, they will come out with new models of existing vehicles. The model year 2943 Origin Jumpworks 300i with lifetime insurance I have with my pledge package may be superseded by a 2945 model, and a 2947 model after that.
In-game items will be subject to wear and tear. Wear and tear can be mitigated, but not eliminated, through maintenance. In the distant future my 300i will have become a rust bucket prone to breaking down. Because insurance replaces the lost ship with a ship in equivalent condition, my lifetime insurance will do nothing for me but replace one rust bucket with another.


Star Citizen is currently in Alpha open development for backers. This means that it is in an early stage of development. Star Citizen Alpha is very unstable and player progress is reset periodically. Players looking for a game that can be played with minimal issues should not play Star Citizen. The project is currently for backers to test and provide feedback. There are frequent free fly events throughout the year when anyone can try Star Citizen for free.

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